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Ptosis: Upper Eyelid Drooping

Ptosis (pronounced “toe-sis”) can either be apparent at birth (congenital) or develop with age (involutional).

Involutional ptosis develops with aging. It may worsen after other types of eye surgery or eyelid swelling. Ptosis may limit your side or even your central vision. If ptosis occurs in one eye, it may create and uneven appearance. Surgical shortening of the muscle that opens the eyelid will often lead to better vision and improved appearance.


Corneal Transplantation Surgery

In this procedure, also known as corneal grafting or penetrating keratoplasty, a doctor replaces a damaged or diseased cornea with donated corneal tissue which has been removed from a recently deceased, healthy individual. The cornea is the clear part of eye in front of the iris and pupil.  This type of surgery is indicated when a cornea is damaged due to trauma or disease and cannot be repaired or treated in other ways.


Ectropion: Outward Turning of the Lower Eyelid

Stretching of the lower eyelid from age may cause the eyelid to droop downward and turn outward. This condition is called ectropion. Eyelid burns or skin disease may also cause this problem. Ectropion can cause dryness of the eyes, excessive tearing, redness and sensitivity to light and wind. Surgery usually restores the normal position of the eyelid, improving these symptoms.


Entropion: Inward Turning of the Lower Eyelid

Entropion also occurs most commonly as a result of aging. Infection and scarring inside the eyelid are other causes of entropion. When the eyelid turns inward, the eyelashes and skin rub against the eye, making it red, irritated, watery, and sensitive to light and wind.


Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery is almost always performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. Before surgery, your ophthalmologist will perform an eye examination and make recommendations. Photographs and side-vision testing are often required by insurance companies before blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery.


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